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Best Sellers Quick Cup Variety Pack

Best Sellers Quick Cup Variety Pack

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This mouthwatering, innovative Quinoa, Farro or Cauliflower Quick Meal will change the way you experience quinoa, farro & cauliflower forever. It is a ready-to-eat meal that comes with a cup of already cooked quinoa, farro or minced cauliflower with a vegetable sauce to mix in and a spork is included for extra convenience. No need to add water. No need to refrigerate. Simply stir & go! Enjoy it hot or cold in its microwavable BPA-free cup.

PERUVIAN VEGETABLE CEVICHE CAULIFLOWER CUP INGREDIENTS: Cauliflower, tomato, lima bean, corn, water, sunflower oil, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt, black pepper, red hot pepper, lactic acid, ascorbic acid.

ARTICHOKE & ROASTED PEPPER QUINOA CUP INGREDIENTS: Cooked quinoa, artichoke, roasted pepper (red & yellow), onion, sunflower oil, lemon juice, salt, garlic, parsley, lactic acid, citric acid and black pepper.

GRILLED VEGETABLES & HERBS FARRO CUP INGREDIENTS: Cooked farro, tomato, eggplant, cooked white quinoa, zucchini, cooked red quinoa, piquillo pepper, artichoke, water, sunflower oil, red onion, lime juice, salt, celery, garlic, lactic acid, capers, basil, oregano, thyme and crushed red pepper. CONTAINS: Wheat

  • Eat Hot Or Cold
  • Microwavable
  • No Preparation Needed
  • No Refrigeration Needed
  • No Water Needed
  • Ready to Eat
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