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Cucina & Amore is dedicated to support the well-being of all people by sharing our love of innovative, great tasting and affordable high-quality foods.


At Cucina & Amore we are motivated every day to make a difference in people’s lives when it comes to food. We believe that that everyone deserves to enjoy great-tasting foods that are good for you and affordable. Our busy lifestyles, however, don’t always allow time to prepare what's delicious as well as healthy.

As a working mother of three and breast cancer survivor, our founder, Ruth experienced this dilemma first-hand. When preparing dishes for family and friends, she realized that the available quick-to-prepare foods weren't always the healthiest choices. That's when she became determined to find a way to make it easier for working moms like herself to simplify healthy food preparation. And Cucina & Amore was born – a “Kitchen of Love”.

Ruth's love for wholesome foods combined with her husband, Hossein's, passion for real food choices, the decades of experience in pioneering innovative products and extensive knowledge within the food business, are ideal ingredients for sourcing foods people love. It's the perfect recipe for creating delicious foods that are healthy, yummy and high quality.

Great food is simply ruled by taste and quality. It all starts with the ingredients we've chosen and how they are prepared. To us, the kitchen is the best space in the home for nourishing the body, mind and soul. To allow people from all walks of life to enjoy irresistibly delicious foods, we've taken our “Kitchen of Love” into the world, where it has now become a preferred destination for healthy, innovative, and amazingly delicious foods – an old world cuisine with a modern twist.

Cucina & Amore


A true family company, Cucina & Amore was founded in 2007, rooted in our family's love of enjoying good food and gathering family and friends in the kitchen, and we’ve been on a great journey ever since. From our beginnings as a specialty foods distributor to the founding of Cucina & Amore, we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs — value, quality, innovation — to provide delicious, high quality
foods for our customers, to our retail partners and our community.

We continue to make these foods with only a few, recognizable ingredients, minimal processing, and GMO free. We owe a big thank you to everyone for joining us on this wonderful journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our extended family for years to come.



Cucina & Amore gets a facelift. A brand new mobile-friendly website is launched with online shopping functionality and social connection!


Grain-free Cauliflower Meals with delicious ethnic flavors and aromas join the family of Quick Meals, just in time for summer!


A new Science Department led by Dr. Moshrefi, PhD is established.
Cucina & Amore launches in Southeast Asia and Japan!


Farro Quick Meals are launched after scouting the world for new recipes, followed by many more delicious foods.


Cucina & Amore goes digital!


Explosive growth - Quinoa Meals go international & Cucina & Amore enters Europe!


Cucina & Amore expands internationally - the first launch is in Canada.


Persistency pays off. A new sub-category emerges when our ready to eat, shelf-stable Quinoa Meals are introduced to the market.


Cucina & Amore helps create jobs for hundreds of farm workers.


Cucina & Amore reinvents the salsa category: New tomato-free salsas hit the market… So delicious!


Truffle sauces made with real truffle debut the mass market - now this luxury food is affordable for every consumer.


Big breakthrough: Cucina & Amore goes NATIONAL!


The launch of our authentic balsamic Vinegars of Modena, Italy, made by using a traditional process and single estate grapes, set the standard higher.


Cucina & Amore pioneers a year-round sustainable harvest of fresh crops to maintain the high quality of our products.


The Pioneer Award from the California Olive Oil Council is granted to Dean Wilkinson, our Olive Oil Expert!


Cucina & Amore embraces crop waste reduction by utilizing artichoke leaves for delicious sauces.


Peruvian farm communities that are growing some of our crops thrive by shifting from commodity to value-added, state-of-the art products.


Ahead of the trend curve: Debut of Pasta Sauces in tetra packs from our Italian tomato grower in Parma, Italy and value-added Italian wheat germ pasta.


Cucina & Amore launches its first specialty food products & family recipes in the San Francisco Bay Area - perfect for easy entertaining!


When it all begins... the CUCINA & AMORE Kitchen of Love is born, inspired by Ruth to simplify preparation of delicious foods for working moms like herself.

1983 +

Following his passion into the delicious world of specialty foods, Hossein is working with the best producers worldwide, selecting the finest crops to formulate innovative new products. This experience awards him a tremendous expertise in creating the best quality foods and value for our customers to this day!



Ruth Wilkinson
Founder & Chairman

Loves hiking and pre-dawn work-outs, dedicated mother

Hossein Banejad

Epicurian with a vision, passionate pioneer, loving father and husband

Dean Wilkinson
COO & Domestic Sales President

Keeps operations running smoothly, chief international olive oil tester, great father

Abu Taghizadeh
International Sales President

Keeps his eyes on international markets, enthusiastic number-cruncher and skier

Massood Moshrefi, PhD.
VP Product Development

Ardent new product developer, our science geek, the best cook in the house

Amanda Lee
International Buyer & Sales Operations Manager

The one who really keeps the show running; fervent dog rescuer, hair and makeup always on point

Laila Brewster
Director of Media Relations

Social media wiz, exercise enthusiast, and pizza lover

Amir Banejad
Domestic Purchasing Manager

The most easy-going one on the team, avid gamer, food truck enthusiast

Janet Contreras

Dedicated mother, loves the food of her native country, Laos, enjoys fishing


Cucina & Amore is committed to raising the bar for making delicious, high quality and innovative foods, so everyone can experience a better way to eat and to entertain at home.


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