Convenient, Versatile and Delicious​


Cucina & Amore Vegetables are a great companion in the kitchen - whether you entertain, prepare a meal for the family, or snack all by yourself!



The farmers growing and harvesting the crops are supported by several contributing factors such as light soil, good quality water, a stable climate, and excellent logistical facilities. They are doing so with utmost care to maintain the high quality and great taste of our vegetables. The expertise of the growers is rooted in their tradition and deep connection to the land.



Guided by their tradition and experience in the fields, the growers hand-select the vegetables at their peak when they are ripe and fresh before grilling, marinating or brining them and then packaging them into jars to maintain their rich flavor, texture and aroma.



Our crops grow in a mild coastal climate that provides the perfect environment for artichokes, peppers and another perennial vegetable, the sun-drenched inland climate is idea for our sun-loving sun-dried tomatoes.


Bright, crunchy and satisfying, our variety of veggies are always ready to grace your plate at a moment's notice. Enjoy them as an ingredient or as a snack straight from the jar.

Add a little love to every dish!

Jarred Artichoke Hearts and Hearts of Palm are the prefect veggies to keep on hand when you need to add something extra to your or appetizer platter. All you do is open the jar, drain the artichokes or hearts of palm and enjoy them. Add a little love to every dish - they are the perfect addition that no home chef should be without.

A favorite among foodies. Bring in bold flavor and skip the hassle with grilled Piquillo Peppers with a touch of sweet & savory, Tri-Color Jalapeños with a kick of heat, or flavorful Italian Tomatoes - add them to salads, pasta, pizza, dips and antipasti platters, or enjoy them straight from the jar. Our vegetables make entertaining even easier because they are ready-to-eat as soon as you open the jar. Add some Cucina & Amore to your next charcuterie platter. Your guests will be begging to know your secret.


Cholesterol Free
Gluten Free
No Sugar Added

Eat Good Food. Vegetables Are A Must!


Artichoke Hearts, Marinated - Quartered, Halves or Whole

Artichoke Hearts, Water, Sunflower Oil, Vinegar, Salt And Spices

Artichoke Hearts, Grilled & Marinated, Halves or Whole

Artichoke Hearts, Sunflower Oil, Vinegar, Salt, Spices, Citric Acid And Ascorbic Acid

Artichoke Hearts, Grilled & Marinated, Whole

Artichoke Hearts, Water, Sunflower Oil, Cane Vinegar, Salt, Garlic And Spices

Artichoke Hearts, In Brine, Whole

Artichoke Hearts, Water, Salt, Citric Acid And Ascorbic Acid

Artichoke Hearts, In Brine, Quartered

Artichoke Hearts, Water, Salt and Citric Acid

Hearts Of Palm

Palm Hearts, Water, Salt And Citric Acid

Piquillo Peppers, Grilled In Brine, Roasted

Piquillo Pepper, Water, Sugar, Salt, Citric Acid And Calcium Chloride

Tri Color Jalapeños

Red Jalapeño Pepper Rings, Green Jalapeño Pepper Rings, Yellow Inca Pepper Rings, Water, Cane Vinegar And Salt And Calcium Chloride

Tomatoes, Sun-Dried, In Oil

Sun-Dried Tomato, Sunflower Oil, Citric Acid, White Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Spices And Ascorbic Acid



Artichoke Hearts, Grilled & Marinated Whole

Artichoke Hearts, Grilled & Marinated Halves

Piquillo Peppers, Grilled (14.5oz)

Piquillo Peppers, Grilled (7.9oz)

Artichoke Hearts, Marinated Quartered

Artichoke Hearts, Grilled & Marinated Whole

Artichoke Hearts, Grilled & Marinated Halves

Artichoke Hearts, Marinated Whole

Artichoke Hearts, Marinated Halves

Artichoke Hearts, Grilled & Marinated Halves

Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Artichoke Hearts, Whole in Brine

Artichoke Hearts, Quartered in Brine

Artichoke Hearts, Whole in Brine

Piquillo Peppers, Grilled (14.5oz)

Hearts of Palm

Hearts of Palm

Artichoke Hearts

Cucina & Amore's deliciously fresh, hand-selected Artichoke Hearts are harvested at their peak when they are freshest, then grilled, marinated or brined. They're available as whole, halves, or quartered. Every artichoke heart is free from preservatives or anything artificial, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. Cucina & Amore Artichoke Hearts are easy to prepare - just open the jar! As a nutrient powerhouse they're packed with antioxidants and fiber, making it a delicious superfood with many health benefits.

Piquillo Peppers

Cucina & Amore Piquillo Peppers are a welcomed addition to even the simplest of dishes. Peppers provide a dynamic flavor profile to any dish. Grilled and in brine, our Piquillo Peppers will liven up any dish with their rich and sweet flavor. In Spanish, piquillo means "little beak” and are traditionally grown in Northern Spain where they are hand-picked before being roasted over a fire. Over the years, piquillo peppers have made their way into Italian food culture where they are prized for their bold flavor which brightens even the simplest dish. Typically between the months of September and October, piquillo peppers are harvested to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. Cucina & Amore then grills and packages these peppers in brine to capture and maintain their deep, fresh flavor. Piquillo peppers are known for their distinctively sweet flavor which is more similar to bell peppers rather than the spicy chili pepper. Whole piquillo peppers are perfect to stuff with cheese, meat, or seafood to serve as a tapa. You can also add sliced piquillo peppers to soups or salads that call for bell peppers. There is no wrong way to enjoy a Cucina & Amore grilled piquillo pepper. Not only are they a delicious addition to any meal, piquillo peppers are high in fiber, Vitamin A, C, E, and B. These piquillo peppers have about as much Vitamin C as citrus fruit!

Sliced Jalapeños

If spice is what you are looking for, then look no further than Cucina & Amore Sliced Tricolor Jalapeños. Not only are these sliced jalapeños beautiful to look at, they add the perfect amount of heat to any dish. Jalapeños, originally from Mexico, were used by the Aztecs prior to the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. Aztec markets sold smoked jalapeños, also known as chipotle peppers, and mole, a delicious and savory chocolate sauce, made from chipotles. Use our sliced Jalapeños to create a flavorful Mexican dish like fresh fresh salsas or moles. They are also perfect for making spicy pasta sauces, or marinades for your next barbeque. Whatever your dish is, you can use our delicious Sliced Jalapeños to add flare and flavor!

Hearts of Palm

Cucina & Amore Hearts of Palm are hand-selected and harvested from the inner growing bud of palm trees to protect the moist, firm freshness and delicate flavor. Hearts of Palm is high in fiber, naturally packed with minerals, free from cholesterol and low in calories and easy to use in many ways. Just open the jar and enjoy them as a delicious appetizer, a snack, or for dipping. Slice and dice them and toss into salads, salsas, or your favorite warm dish to add variety to your meals.


The Cucina & Amore collection of Whole and Chopped Tomatoes is grown and vine-ripened in the sun of Italy. These tomatoes are hand-picked at their peak. Bold, aromatic and flavorful, they are perfect for taking homemade and novel sauces and other recipes to the next level. They are great for pasta sauces, chilies, lasagnas, enchiladas, soups, meat entrees or appetizers, and many more.