Spice up your life with Saffron, the highly regarded spice known for its fragrant aroma, delightful flavor and rich scarlet red color.


SARGOL Saffron, meaning "top of the flower", is recognized as the finest quality and purity Saffron with a distinctly intense flavor, fragrant aroma, and a deep red coloring power.



SARGOL Saffron is harvested from precious purple Crocus flowers. Each Crocus flower bears three "pistils" that are carefully collected by hand and professionally cut. The exquisite red top part, or "the top of the flower", is gently separated from the yellow part before being dried, resulting in a superb spice of the best quality and purity.



Saffron is known as a highly prized spice and revered for centuries for its deep crimson-red coloring power, flavor, aroma and healing properties. SARGOL Saffron Strands are derived from authentic Persian Crocus flowers, each bearing three "pistils". The pistils consist of vivid crimson-red “styles” on the top and yellow “stigmas” on the bottom. For SARGOL saffron, meaning "top of the flower", only the precious styles from the very top part are used, for they have the deepest coloring power and most intense flavor.



Saffron has a long tradition in ancient Persia. Today, the #1 country in the world producing Saffron is Iran, providing 95% of the total world supply of saffron. The main growing area is the East and South-East part of the country in the Khorasan Province. This region is known to be the main source of saffron over the centuries. Our growers have a long history of cultivating saffron for over 150 years where the tradition has been passed on from generation after generation.


It's easy to create a new highlight on your culinary journey and please your senses with SARGOL Saffron

Aroma and taste!

With its incredible aroma and wonderful taste with sweet notes of honey and hay, use Saffron to flavor risotto or rice dishes like a Spanish paella or biryani of India and give them a beautiful golden yellow color.

Saffron perfectly complements fish and meat dishes. It's great with white fish or seafood, chicken, lamb, pork, and vegetables. Saffron is also delicious in desserts like cookies, cakes or custard. And it pairs well with other spices like cinnamon, cumin, almonds, or vanilla.


Gluten Free
No Color Added

Saffron and love are alike. One can never have enough of either.


Sargol Saffron Threads

100% Authentic Persian Sargol Saffron Stands With High Coloring Power From At Least 75 Crocus Flowers. Contains 0.5g Per Package



Saffron Strands

How to Identify Authentic Saffron

Sargol Saffron, also known as Persian Saffron or Red Gold, can be recognized by the rich scarlet red color of its threads. Authentic saffron threads added to water will stay deep red and slowly release a golden color. Adulterated saffron quickly washes out and fades. Besides its incredible fragrance, flavor and powerful coloring strength, genuine saffron also has a distinct hay-honey aroma and a slightly non-sweet taste.

How to Prepare Saffron

Saffron needs moisture to release its flavor. For the strongest flavor, saffron threads should be soaked in a hot liquid (water, milk, broth) for at least 20 minutes before using. Alternatively, you can grind dried saffron threads with a mortar and pestle or with the bottom of a glass. Then soak a pinch of the ground saffron in a hot liquid for 20 minutes before adding the mixture to your recipe or sprinkling it into dishes.

About Cucina & Amore Sargol Saffron

Sargol Saffron is to be protected from air, light, and moisture, ensuring a long lasting well preserved spice. This is 100% pure saffron, has no partial threads, preservatives, substitutes, flavors or colorants added. It is GMO free, kosher and halal.