Made with minced cauliflower and a savory vegetable sauce, these delicious Cauliflower Quick Meals come in handy any time you prefer a grain-free, healthy bite to eat for lunch, dinner or a snack in between! Simply mix the two cups together and enjoy!


Kitchen & Love Cauliflower Quick Meals capture the authentic flavors and aromas of the region and are delectable to the last bite!



Our farmers are deeply connected to the land. This guides their traditional farming methods alongside contemporary agricultural techniques for growing abundant crops. Pairing science and innovation with tradition is our way to get the best results from both worlds.



As we scour the world’s cuisines, we’re driven to discover new and delicious recipes that are just perfect for the mouthwatering dishes they create. Our chefs carefully select fresh vegetables and blend traditional spices from around the world to capture the authentic flavors of that particular region.



The cauliflower crops are cultivated in the rich soils of the highlands where the climate is cooler and moister than in the valley below. Once harvested at their peak, the delicate cauliflower heads remain closed while being transported to the kitchen facilities. There, chefs and kitchen staff blend them artfully with other vegetables and spices to create delectable dishes full of flavor and aroma in each bite.


Kitchen & Love Cauliflower Quick Meals are like enjoying a little feast each time you mix the minced cauliflower with the tasty sauce and enjoy a cupful of goodness, no matter if you’re on the go, on the plane, in the office or at home!

Want Both, Convenience And Healthy Waistlines?

It’s easy to see why these delectable Quick Meals are so convenient. Fully cooked and ready to eat, they’re perfect any time you would like something good and full of taste. With less than two hundred calories per package, they’re great for anyone on a calorie-restricted meal plan – and they’re vegan, too!

Quick, Yummy & Good For You!

Busy lifestyles often leave little time to cook a healthy but quick lunch or dinner at home. That’s where these yummy Cauliflower Quick Meals come to the rescue! All you do is broil your favorite piece of fish, meat or veggie burger, mix the cauliflower with the aromatic sauce, and voila, there you have a quick and easy side dish! The hardest part is choosing which of the three delicious flavors to pick for you and your family!


Gluten Free
No Color Added
No Sugar Added
Ready to Eat

Cauliflower Quick Meals are 100% grain-free!


Caulifllower Quick Meal, Indian Vegetable Curry

Cauliflower, Artichoke, Red Bell Pepper, Zucchini, Lupines, Golden Raisins*, Sunflower Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Curry, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Lactic Acid

Contains: *Sulphites

Cauliflower Quick Meal, Moroccan Vegetable Harissa

Ingredients: Cauliflower, Eggplant, Sundried Red Hot Chili, Water, Carrot, Sunflower Oil, Lime Juice, Sesame Seeds, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Garlic, Lactic Acid, Cumin, Caraway, Ground Coriander, Mint Contains: Sesame Seeds

Cauliflower Quick Meal, Peruvian Vegetable Ceviche

Ingredients: Cauliflower, Corn, Lima Bean, Tomato, Lime Juice, Sunflower Oil, Red Onion, Cilantro, Red Hot Pepper, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Black Pepper