Spicy Taco Quinoa Bowl

I love it when a recipe comes together. I had my mind set on one thing and then all of a sudden, a new recipe pops into my head. It was better than I could have ever imagined! Have I mentioned how convenient our ready-to-eat quinoa meals are? They save me so much time in the kitchen, especially when I want to make something healthy, filling, and delicious. Less time being hangry (hungry + angry) and more time enjoying every bite of a tasty dish I made at home. This recipe is the perfect alternative to when you're craving Chipotle.

Serving: 1-2
Prep Time: 5-10 minutes
Cook Time: 5-10 minutes



  1. In a skillet, grill the entire package of ground turkey
  2. Drain the excess oil from the cooked turkey
  3. Add the Spicy Jalapeño sauce from the quinoa meal to the turkey
    • Stir until the sauce is evenly mixed
  4. Chop up the romaine lettuce
  5. In a medium bowl, place the lettuce, quinoa from the quinoa meal, the spicy jalapeño & turkey mix, and top it off with some avocado
  6. Enjoy!

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