Pesto Truffle Pasta

Sometimes the simplest of meals can be made even more delicious by the quality of the ingredients that you use. That's why this super simple recipe ranks at the top of the quality food chain with the help of Cucina & Amore's Basil Pesto Truffle Sauce. As soon as you open the jar, the aroma of truffles fills the air and you can't wait for that pasta to be cooked to start enjoying each and every bite. The addition of the truffle takes the traditional pesto to a whole other gourmet level! It's easy to make and even easier to enjoy.
Serving size: 4-8
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 12 minutes



  1. Make pasta according to directions on the box
  2. Add as much Basil Pesto Truffle Sauce as you like
  3. Enjoy!IMG_0551.jpg
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